Primary School Runner Up Poems

  Brooke Hill


Multum in Parvo

Rutland Water for cycling

Gentle breeze and peace


Happy villages

Our beautiful scenery

Great, lovely, peaceful meadow


Splashing and Sailing

Lots of fun on the water

Nice, joyful, picnics


Happy, buzzing bees

Ospreys at Rutland Water

Flying and diving


Rutland is the best

Everything is wonderful

Multum in Parvo


        Max Hitchcox



Rutland is small

Yet so big inside

You can visit the park and go down the slide!

The water is calm

On a warm summers day

Perfect for fishing in every way!


Oakham's the centre


Where most of us shop


Food and supplies within a short hop


There's a museum


With things old and new


I've been to visit and so should you!!


Rutland oh Rutland


Such a beautiful place


It all puts a smile on everyone's face!!!

                 Rosie Smith




In Rutland you can set your mind free like if you're an artist you can

paint many still life photos and maybe some flowers


In Rutland you will find many schools of your enjoyment, some

private some not, some primary, some secondary


Rutland has many places to visit like Oakham, Egleton, Uppingham

and that is only a few


Rutland may be the smallest county in England

but it is the biggest to me


Rutland is special to many people,

Rutland is special to me.


As I walk across Rutland Water I see,

Rutland's true meaning and beauty


Noor Al-Khayat




When I wake up in the morning

I hear the birds cheeping


When I go to school,

I hear the lambs bleating


When I am in the car

I see horses galloping


When I go to bed

I hear the owls hooting


When I wake up in the morning

It all starts again


                Poppy Hubbard

 Exton and Greetham


Water, fields, birds and castle's,

That's what lies in Rutland's heart,

Skipping in the bright yellow sun,

Multum in Parvo.


Watch the boatman as they fish,

With the sun coming through the clouds,

Multum in Parvo.


Oh Rutland oh Rutland


You may be small, but not so weak,

Full of loveliness,

Your wonderful fields,

Lakes and churches sparkle all day long

Multum in Parvo


Sam Alexander

Brooke Priory


I can see,

                The sky blue transparent reservoir

                                Named as Rutland Water


I can see,

                The historic museum,

                                Full of ancient history


I can see,

                Oakham castle

                                Full of Royal horseshoes


I can see,

                The beautiful ladies

                                Riding horses at the hunt


                Lucy Reilly



Leighfield Priory


As I walk through the countryside

I see hills and valleys everywhere I look


As I jog on my county

My heart beats like a drum

While I run past scarlet poppies


Driving past ponies what a beautiful picture

Gardens open for charity, flourishing with colour

And perfumed flowers colouring like a rainbow


As I cycle around Rutland Water

I spy people sailing and the grass dancing

To the rhythm of the wind


As Ospreys soar through the skies

Over popcorn shaped clouds

Smudged with grey, white and blue


They see me talking with my friends

Walking through colourful fields

Which are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle

Forming Rutland


                Sofia Palmer




Horseshoes glisten, gleaming bright,

Under the Castle powerful light,

Keeping the Knights army safe,

Under such a powerful place,

Many a night would see the court,

Powerfully strong like a fort,

Many tales be told of Kings and Queens of old,

Making their mark of a horseshoe,

Becomes a historical breakthrough,

Made by a local blacksmith,

That a horse could not run with.


                Troy Wilkins