Performance Dates
Gig information is as accurate as possible. Changes may arise so please listen closely in rehearsals. If in doubt contact Anne. Generally you will need to arrive at least half and hour before we are due to play. You will need to bring your own stand (Black or chrome) and pegs if we are playing outdoors.

Dress Code

Men - White long sleeved shirt with a collar and black bow tie
Women -  Plain white, long sleeved blouse with open collar
All Black from the waist down, including shoes, socks & tights.
            Smart black jacket or black V-neck jumper. No headwear.

All - White Band polo shirt and black from the waist down, including shoes, socks and tights.  Band fleece or Black jumpers/cardigans if cold. No headwear. 

Dress for cold - Means what it says!