29th January 
Open Rehearsal Day


Location - Catmose College, Cold Overton Road, Oakham

Time - 10:30am to 4pm

Meet - 10:15am

Uniform - No uniform

Tickets -  Free 

22nd May 
Hunstanton Bandstand


Location - Hunstanton - Bus provided so we can travel as a band

Time - 9:30am (Playing 2pm to 4pm)

Meet - 9:30am

Uniform - Polo Shirts

Tickets -  Free

Details -

An all expenses paid (other than lunch) day out in Huntstanton where we will be playing in the bandstand from 2.00 till 4.00pm.

  • 9.30 Meet & load coach
  • 10.00 Leave Oakham
  • 11.30-12 Arrive Huntstanton
  • 12-1.30 Leisure time
  • 1.30 Meet at bandstand
  • 2-4 Play
  • 5/5.30 Leave Huntstanton & stop for fish & chip supper on the way home.

12th June
Oakham Bandstand
90th Birthday of the Royal British Legion


Location - Oakham Bandstand

Time - 3pm-5pm

Meet - 2:30pm

Uniform - Polo Shirts

Tickets -  Free

21st June
Final Rehearsal
 This will be our final rehearsal before the Castle concert, so please aim to be there. We may extend the rehearsal time to 9:30pm.
22nd and 23rd June
Rehearsals for Community Play

(Wednesday and Thursday)

Location - Rutland Water

Time - 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Meet - 5:15pm

 25th and 26th June 
Four Winds Festival
(Saturday and Sunday)
Location - Rutland Water

Time - 6:30pm to 7:30pm ish

Meet - 5:30pm

Uniform - TBC

Tickets -  Prices TBA

28th June
Oakham Festival



Location - Oakham Castle (Inside)

Time - 7:30pm

Meet - 7:00pm

Uniform - Formal

Tickets -  Prices TBA

11th September
Classic Car Event


Location - Uppingham Market Place

Time - 11am to 12 noon

Meet - 10:30am (Outside Falcon hotel)

Uniform - Polo Shirts

Tickets -  free

17th September
Rutland Day, Sykes Lane
Location - Rutland Water, Sykes Lane

Time - 1pm (75 min)

Meet - 12:15pm

Uniform - Polo Shirts

Tickets - Free

9th December (Friday)
Christmas Concert with the Clarion Young Singers

Location - Rutland County Museum, Oakham

Time -  7pm

Meet - 6:30pm

Uniform - Formal

Tickets - TBC